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Credits and/or Acknowledgements

  1. D.M. Anderson acknowledged in : D.A. Huntley and S.H. Davis, Oscillatory and Cellular Mode Coupling in Rapid Directional Solidification, submitted.

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  5. R.F. Boisvert acknowledged in : Patrick F. Cummins and Geoffrey K. Vallis, Algorithm 732: Solvers for Self-Adjoint Elliptic Problems in Irregular Two-Dimensional Domains, ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software 20 (1994), pp. 247--261.

  6. R.F. Boisvert acknowledged in : Eric Grosse, Repository Mirroring, ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software 21 (1995), pp. 89--97.

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  8. M. McClain acknowledged in: D.W. Lozier and F.W.J. Olver, Numerical Evaluation of Special Functions, NISTIR 5383 (1994), appearing in: W. Gautschi (ed.), Mathematics of Computation 1943-1993: A Half- Century of Computational Mathematics, Proceedings of Symposia in Applied Mathematics 48 (1994).

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  10. J. Rogers acknowledged in : Elizabeth Bradley and Reinhard Stolle, Automatic Construction of Accurate Models of Physical Systems, Annals of Mathematics of Artificial Intelligence, to appear.

  11. J. Rogers acknowledged in : Mahendra Mallick, Maurice Ling, Michael Russo, Brian Hunt, Robert Introne and Brian Scammon, Satellite Attitude Motion Estimation using a Multi-sensor Image Sequence, USAF Phillips Laboratory Satellite Assessment Center.

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