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Technical Reports

  1. J. Bernal, Inserting line segments into triangulations and tetrahedralizations, NIST IR 5596, April 1995.

  2. N.A. Brilliant, B.K. Alpert, and M. Young, Video Microscopy Applied to Optical Fiber Geometry Measurements, NIST TN 1369, November, 1994.

  3. S.J. Lomonaco,Jr., Quantum Cryptography for Military Applications, University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) Computer Science Technical Report, January, 1996

  4. D.W. Lozier and P.R. Turner, Parallel and Serial Implementations of SLI Arithmetic, NIST IR 5660, June 1995.

  5. B.R. Miller, An expression formatter for Macsyma, NIST-IR 5618, 1995.

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