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For many problems with a known exact solution, the right hand side of the differential equation is given as f (or f1 or some other related form) and the right hand side of the boundary condition is given as g (or a related form). In this case the right hand side is determined by applying the operator to the exact solution.

Poisson's Equation (in 2D) is -uxx - uyy = f, with the obvious modifications for other numbers of dimensions.

Laplace's Equation is Poisson's Equations with f = 0.

The Dirichlet boundary condition is u = g.

The Neumann boundary condition is ∂u/∂n = g where n is the outward unit normal.

The natural boundary condition for (for example) -∇·(pu)=f is pu·n=g where n is the outward unit normal vector.
When p=1, the natural boundary conditions are Neumann.

The unit interval is (0,1).
The unit square is (0,1)X(0,1).
The unit cube is (0,1)X(0,1)X(0,1).

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