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Obtaining and Compiling StopWatch

Information on StopWatch is available at the World Wide Web page

StopWatch can be obtained from
where x.x is the version number. This is a gzipped tar file which must be uncompressed with gunzip and expanded by tar.

Untarring the file will create a directory called stopwatch with subdirectories doc and src. doc contains the User's Guide in postscript and html formats, man pages for every StopWatch subroutine, and an overview man page. src contains the source code for the stopwatch module, example programs, and makefiles.

The makefiles illustrate how to compile StopWatch along with your program. A makefile is provided for several systems; see Table 3.1 for a list of the makefiles and the systems they have been tested on. If your system matches one of these, then you need only modify the makefile to use your Fortran 90 programs instead of the examples. If your system is not listed, you might need to modify one of the makefiles to match your system configuration. You might also need to create a new cpu_second subroutine; see section 7. If you succeed in running StopWatch on a different system, you can contribute your makefile and/or cpu_second by sending email to
Contributions will be made available on the WWW page, so check there first before writing your own.

Table 3.1: Available makefiles.