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2 March 2006 Additional Tools for Matrix Market I/O Routines Available.
Two new tools are available to manipulate matrices in Matrix Market format. The BeBOP Sparse Matrix Conversion Converter is a library and standalone utility for converting between various file formats for sparse matrices. It is part of my work for the Berkeley Benchmarking and Optimization Group. It can interconvert between the Matrix Market, Harwell Boeing, and MATLAB formats.

Users of the Python scripting language can perform Matrix Market I/O using utilities included in the SciPy open source package. For further information. see the SciPy mmio pac.

9 May 2003 Correction Applied to Matrix Market I/O Routines in C.
Several fixes have been applied to the code mmio.c: [1] fixed error in processing return codes from pfrintf(); [2] removed non-ANSI strdup() function from mm_typecode_to_str() [3] removed tmp var "error" from mm_typecode_to_str(); [4] added conversion to char in tolower() calls in mm_read_banner(). One fix was applied to examples_read.c: [1] added for exit() prototype. The resulting codes have been termed version 1.01. No changes in the documentation are necessary to reflect these changes. See Matrix Market I/O in C pages to obtain the updated routines.
15 July 2002 Matlab Procedures for Writing Harwell-Boeing Matrices Added.
Procedures for exporting real and complex matrices from Matlab into Harwell-Boeing format have been included in the Matrix Market. See the matrix format descriptions for details.
18 December 2000 New Matrices from Quantum Chromodynamics Added.
Fourteen new matrices related to the lattice gauge theory of quantum chromodynamics have been added to the Matrix Market. The matrices, which were contributed by Bjoern Medeke of the University of Wuppertal, are complex unsymmetric matrices of orders 3072 and 49152. The new matrices make up the set named QCD.
18 December 2000 Errors in Nonzero Counts for Nonsquare Matrices.
The Matrix Market Web pages associated with nonsquare matrices have, up to now, had incorrect counts for nonzeros in the upper triangular part. These have now been corrected. The affected matrices are ILLC1033, ILLC1850, WELL1033, WELL1850, in the set LSQ, ABB313, ASH219, ASH331, ASH608, ASH958, in the set SMTAPE, BEACXC, BEAFLW, BEAUSE, WM1, WM2, WM3, in the set ECONIEA, and GEMAT1, in the set GEMAT. Thanks to John Lee for pointing out this mistake.
9 June 2000 CIRCUITS Set Withdrawn from SPARSKIT Collection.
All matrices in the CIRCUITS set, formerly of the SPARSKIT collection, have been withdrawn from the Matrix Market at the request of the contributor. The matrices withdrawn are named WATSON1, WATSON2, WATSON3, WATSON4 and WATSON5. These matrices were submitted without the consent of the industrial partner from whom they were obtained. We ask that those who have downloaded these matrices please refrain from distributing them further.
23 May 2000 Maple6 Supports Matrix Market File Format.
Maple 6, Waterloo Maple's analytic computation system for Windows, Unix, and Mac systems, now supports import and export of files in Matrix Market format.
2 May 2000 Correction Applied to Matrix QH882.
An error was discovered in the Matrix Market format file for the matrix QH822 in the QUEBEC set of the NEP collection. Incorrect exponents were encoded into this file. A correction was made on May 2, 2000. Previously downloaded versions of this file (qh882.mtx) should be discarded. The Harwell-Boeing formatted file qh882.rua is unaffected. (Thanks to Dirk Umbach for pointing this out to us.)
3 Dec 1999 More Corrections Applied to the Matrix Market Database.
Matrices in the Harwell-Boeing set BCSSTRUC1 had been identified as symmetric indefinite. This is incorrect. They are all symmetric positive definite. The Matrix Market database has been corrected. The affected matrices are bcsstk01, bcsstk02, bcsstk03, bcsstk04, bcsstk05, bcsstk06, bcsstk07, bcsstk08, bcsstk09, bcsstk10, bcsstk11, bcsstk12, bcsstk13. (Thanks to Michele Benzi of Los Alamos National Lab for pointing out this problem.)

The matrix bcsstm04, also in Harwell-Boeing set BCSSTRUC1, had been identified as indefinite. It is positive semi-definite. The Matrix Market database has been corrected.

Finally, an anomaly associated with the matrix young1c in the Harwell-Boeing set ACOUST has been identified. This matrix is identified in the Matrix Market as symmetric since it was originally specified as being so in the header of its Harwell-Boeing file. Unfortunately, the data within the file itself is not symmetric. This inconsistency has been propagated into the Matrix Market format file header also. Since these files have been in use for some time we do not feel that we can change them. This inconsistency has lead to some confusion in the use of this matrix: Should the header be respected and the data symmetrized, or should the header be ignored and the matrix treated as nonsymmetric? The matrix statistics we present in the Matrix Market take the former approach. This is also what is done by Matlab. The Web page for this matrix now displays a warning. (Thanks to Morten Bjørhus of SINTEF for pointing this out to us.)

We also maintain an archive of previous announcements.

The Matrix Market is a service of the Mathematical and Computational Sciences Division / Information Technology Laboratory / National Institute of Standards and Technology

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