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GEMAT1: Optimal power flow problems
Power flow in 2400 bus system in western US

from set GEMAT, from the Harwell-Boeing Collection

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Jacobian matrix for an approximately 2400 bus system in the Western United States. The rows represent the equality and some nonlinear constraints of the power flow problem. The first block of columns represents the standard angle and voltage variables of the power flow problem. The last block of columns is very sparse and represents the transformer taps and capacitors.

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Structure Plot City Plot
structure plot city plot

Matrix Statistics

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Size Type
4929 x 10595, 47369 entries real unsymmetric
totaldiagonalbelow diagonalabove diagonalA-A'
46591 5 16869 29717 N/A
Column Data Row Data
Average nonzeros per column : 4.4
Standard deviation : 3.3

longest19 28
shortest5667 1

Average nonzeros per row : 9.5
Standard deviation : 60

longest4929 4230
shortest693 2

Bandwidths Profile Storage
lower4899 upper5668
average |i-j|2.1e+03
lower bandwidth0 4898 6.5e+02 9.2e+02
upper bandwidth0 5667 3.3e+03 2.4e+03

Nonsymmetric skyline storage N/A

Heaviest diagonals
offset from main5666 5667 4915 1813 1844 -633 461 739 1176 1831
nonzeros2465 2464 19 17 17 16 16 16 16 16
accumulated percent 5.2910.5810.6210.6610.6910.7310.7610.8010.8310.86

Top 10 out of 8436 nonvoid diagonals.
Frobenius norm2.4e+04 condition number (est.)Not available.
2-norm (est.)2.3e+04 diagonal dominanceno

Set Information

Source: Rob Burchett, General Electric Company, Schenectady, New York.
Discipline:Power flow modeling
Accession:Summer 1984

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