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Search Tool

This form allows you to find matrices and generators in the Matrix Market with specific properties. To do this, fill out one or more of the items below and then press the Submit button. Each item is described in a separate help page associated with this form. Help on a particular item below is also available by clicking on its name.

Search for matrices.
Search for matrix generation software.

The following properties apply to both matrices and to matrix generation software.

Linear Algebra Problem
Number Field
Nonzero Structure
Numerical Symmetry Property
Text in Matrix Market database

Help in formulating search strings is available.

The following properties apply only to matrix generation software.

Output Type

The following properties apply only to individual matrices.

More than but less than rows.
More than but less than columns.
More than but less than entries.
More than but less than percent entries (density).
Associated Materials Required
right-hand side vector(s).
exact solution(s).
initial vectors(s).
Storage Mode

The query will only find matrices which satisfy all of the properties specified above.

The Matrix Market is a service of the Mathematical and Computational Sciences Division / Information Technology Laboratory / National Institute of Standards and Technology

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