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MVMGRC: Grcar Matrix

from the NEP Collection

Matrix Generator MVMGRC
Source: J. Grcar, Sandia National Laboratory
Discipline: Numerical linear algebra
Language: Fortran
Output format: matrix-vector multiply

An n × n Grcar matrix is a nonsymmetric Toeplitz matrix:

[a nonsymmetric Toeplist matrix  with -1 on first off-diagonal below, and +1 on 3 off-diagonals above.

The matrix has sensitive eigenvalues. Figure 1 and Figure 2 are the eigenvalue distribution of 100 by 100 Grcar matrix A and AT, computed by QR algorithm in Matlab.

The following is the FORTRAN calling sequence for forming matrix-vector AX or ATX: Fortran calling sequence.


Nthe order of the matrix


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