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Non-Hermitian Eigenvalue Problem (NEP) Collection

This collection was developed and is maintained by Zhaojun Bai, David Day, James Demmel and Jack Dongarra.

From the paper A Test Matrix Collection for Non-Hermitian Eigenvalue Problems (Release 1.0):

The primary purpose of this collection is to provide a testbed for the development of numerical algorithms for solving nonsymmetric eigenvalue problems. In addition, as with many other existing collections of test matrices, our goal includes providing an easy access to ``practical'' eigenproblems for researchers, educators and students in the community who are interested in the origins of large scale nonsymmetric eigenvalue problems, and in the development and testing of numerical algorithms for solving challenging non-Hermitian eigenvalue problems in real applications.

In this document, we describe the mechanism for obtaining a copy of the matrices and for using the collection. All test matrices currently included in the collection are documented in Appendices.

The matrices, software and further documentation of this collection are available from the NEP site.

We thank the authors of the NEP collection for making the matrices, software and the text of their report available to the Matrix Market.

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