Sparse BLAS in C

This package has been superceded by the NIST Sparse BLAS library

To support the class functionality of SparseLib++, Sparse BLAS routines have been developed in C, and are callable through the interface proposed in the Sparse BLAS Toolkit, see "A Revised Proposal for a Sparse BLAS Toolkit", an article by S. Carney, M. Heroux, G. Li, R. Pozo, K. Remington and K. Wu.

The current implementation supports matrix-matrix multiply and triangular system solves for the matrix storage formats currently in SparseLib++. The same functionality for the symmetric versions of these formats will soon be available, together with permutation and integrity checking functionality.

NOTE: The current version of SparseLib++ (v1.5) includes only a subset of these BLAS. The full version will be included in the next release of SparseLib++.

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Last updated February 8, 1996