Sparse BLAS in C -- Version 1.1b

To support the class functionality of SparseLib++, Sparse BLAS routines have been developed in C, and are callable through the interface proposed in [1].

The current implementation supports matrix-matrix multiply and triangular system solves for the matrix storage formats currently in SparseLib++. The same functionality for the symmetric versions of these formats is also available. Permutation and integrity checking functionality will soon be added.

*** NOTE: *** The current version of SparseLib++ (v1.5) includes only a subset of these BLAS. The full version will be included in the next release of SparseLib++.

Official Caveat: Neither the Authors nor the Institutions (National Institute of Standards and Technology, University of Notre Dame, and University of Tennessee) make any representations about the suitability of this software for any purpose. This software is provided "as is" without expressed or implied warranty.

Changes from v. 1.0: Version 1.1 represents an optimization of v. 1.0 for varying vector offsets, with the additional functionality of matvecs for symmetric matrices.

Changes from v. 1.1: Version 1.1b includes an important bug fix to the matrix-matrix multiply routines for coordinate sparse matrices. The distribution now includes the type-specific sources, rather than the generic sources, since some versions of "make" were not able to handle the source file generation.

Installation of SPBLASC Version 1.1b

  1. Uncompress (if necessary) and unpack the shar distribution file.

  2. Edit makefile.def to reflect the compiler on the target architecture, and whether 0 based (C-style) or 1 based (Fortran-style) vector offsets are desired.

  3. Type 'make install' to create the Sparse BLAS archive and run the testing programs. Type 'make spblas' to create the Sparse BLAS archive.

A complete distribution of SparseLib++ with these modifications, along with improved testers are available. Contact Karin Remington at or (301) 975-5119 for more information.
Last updated February 8, 1996