C Routines for Harwell-Boeing File I/O

Updated on August 15, 1997 with complete rewrite of source code for greater robustness. Additional functionality provided for translating data as characters (rather than floating point numbers), so that input data accuracy can be maintained exactly.

Harwell-Boeing file I/O routines have been developed in C, and are available for use with either 0-based or 1-based libraries.

The current implementation provides routines for gathering matrix information from the file header, reading into pre-allocated or dynamically allocated storage vectors, and writing to file according the Harwell-Boeing specification from storage vectors. The distribution also includes sample drivers for translating Harwell-Boeing files to Matrix Market format.

For a description of the Harwell-Boeing standard, see: Duff, et al., Sparse Matrix Test Problems, ACM TOMS Vol.15, No.1, March 1989.

Developed by: Karin A. Remington