Harwell-Boeing File I/O in C
V. 1.0
National Institute of Standards and Technology, MD.
K.A. Remington

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Harwell-Boeing I/O routines in C (latest source code distribution, 8/15/97) 434030 bytes


This package provides several I/O functions for Harwell-Boeing file, and is particularly useful for C programs, since the Harwell-Boeing format can rely heavily on Fortran specific formatting conventions. A makefile and several driver programs demonstrating usage are also provided.


The column pointer and row index vectors are by default 1-based (Fortran compatible array indexing). To read/write 0-based vectors (for C array indexing compatibility), simply change the macro definition in the makefile. (use -D_SP_base=0)


Main source code: iohb.c, iohb.h
Matrix Market functionality: mmio.c, mmio.h
Makefile for drivers: makefile
Sample drivers: hb2mtxstrm.c
Sample data: data/*


To build the driver programs, edit the makefile to reflect your compiler and desired compile-time flags. Then type 'make'. The drivers included are:
sample Demonstrates basic usage, with many explanatory comments. The functionality is uninteresting (it reads a Harwell-Boeing file and writes out another Harwell-Boeing file), but it demonstrates the I/O capabilities typically required.
hbmat2hb Another example of usage, demonstrating how to read the input data as characters so that output will exactly reflect the accuracy of the input.
hbmat2mtx Another example of usage, with more useful functionality. The program reads a Harwell-Boeing file and writes a commented Matrix Market formatted file reflecting the original data.
hbrhs2mtx This program will extract any available auxillary vectors from the Harwell-Boeing files (assuming they are in "full" form), and creates a Matrix Market array formatted file for each vector. (The data is read as character input, so that accuracy in the generated output is identical to that of the input file.)
hb2mtxstrm This program is similar to hbmat2mtx, but doesn't store the values of the matrix... instead it streams through the entries, writing out a Matrix Market formatted file along the way. This saves considerably on translation time for large matrices. This program is only intended for translating files of REAL and COMPLEX data, not PATTERN files. PATTERN files can be translated with hbmat2mtx. (The data is read as character input, so that accuracy in the generated output is identical to that of the input file.)


A data directory containing various Harwell-Boeing formatted files is also provided. The files in this directory reflect some of the "legal", but very difficult to parse, incarnations of the Harwell-Boeing format. They can be used as arguments to the provided driver programs.