Compiling message passing programs

The Unix utility "make", or a variant of it, is by far the easiest way to control the compilation and linking of your programs. The user is responsible for describing dependencies between programs in a specially formatted file call a "makefile". In this file, the user can also set which compilers to use, which libraries to include for proper linking, how to "clean-up" directories, and so on. To get started with make, copy a sample makefile from the Examples directory (two are reproduced here) and modify it to suit your needs. For an introduction to "make", see A brief introduction to make, an excerpt from the CAML Sun-Network Help Facility.

Note that in the two makefiles shown here, different compilers are specified (see the lines beginning with FC = and CC = ). MPL programs require that the mpxlf or mpcc compiler be used, while PVMe programs require only the standard xlf or xlc compiler.