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Katharine Fortune Gurski National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST)
email: 100 Bureau Dr, MailStop 8910
office: (301) 975 - 8159 Gaithersburg, MD 20899-8910
Objective Modeling physical and industrial problems using analytical and computational techniques.
Education Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics, August 1999, University of Maryland, College Park
  Thesis Title: Decay Rates of Internal Waves in Viscous Near-Critical Fluids
  Advisor: Professor Robert Pego
  M.S. in Applied Mathematics, August 1991, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  M.S. in Physics, January 1989, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  B.S. in Physics, Summa Cum Laude, May 1987, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia
Experience National Research Council Research Associate at NIST; Gaithersburg, Maryland:
  Studying the effect of anisotropic surface energy on the Rayleigh instability with applications to
  nanowires and other rods. Modeling three-dimensional dendritic crystal growth using axisymmetric
  boundary integral method and iterative solvers.
  January 2001 - present
  Postdoctoral Fellow at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center; Greenbelt, Maryland:
  Developed an approximate Riemann solver for ideal magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) based on the
  HLLC method for gas dynamics. Extended analytical results of internal gravity wave mode studies
  for general stratified fluids for 1-D (and 3-D) viscous stratified fluid in a layer (closed container).
  Contracting agencies: 11/2000 - 12/2000 University of Maryland, Baltimore County,
  10/2000 Caelum Research Corporation, 8/1999 - 9/2000 Universities Space Research Association
  Graduate Research Assistant at University of Maryland; College Park, Maryland:
  Modeled decay rates of internal waves in density stratified viscous critical fluids using asymptotic
  analysis and numerical computation. Proved the existence of zero damping modes and determined
  that the internal waves are strongly damped as the fluid approaches the critical temperature.
  May 1998 - August 1998, May 1997 - December 1997, June 1996 - August 1996
  Industrial Mathematical Modeling Workshop; Institute for Mathematics and Its Applications,
  University of Minnesota:
  Determined the necessary addition rates of silver and bromide solutions in a double jet reactor for
  the growth of uniform silver halide crystals for improved film quality.
  July 22-31, 1998
  Industrial Mathematical Modeling Workshop; North Carolina State University, Center for
  Research in Scientific Computation:
  Studied the effect of noise and bias on an inverse problem pertaining to the extraction of meteoro-
  logical data from a GPS measured projectile trajectory.
  August 3-13, 1997
  Mathematical Modeling Workshop; Claremont Graduate School, California:
  Modeled the condensation process in an effort to improve the efficiency of heat transfer in power
  condenser designs.
  June 5-15, 1994
  Graduate Teaching Assistant at University of Maryland; College Park, Maryland:
  Taught Finite Mathematics as principal instructor. Led recitations for Business Calculus I, Calculus I,
  and Linear Algebra. Used cooperative learning to teach Calculus II. Graded the undergraduate courses
  for Business Calculus II, Differential Equations, Analysis I, Computational Methods, and PDEs. Graded
  the graduate courses for Methods and Models in Applied Mathematics, Numerical Analysis I and II.
  August 1991 - May 1997
Experience C Programmer at Cooperative Extension Service; Urbana, Illinois:
  Developed RDB database for Illinois Dial-Up Extension Access (IDEA); developed
  multi-user menu driven interface.
  May 1992 - August 1992, May 1990 - August 1991
  Graduate Research Assistant at University of Illinois; Urbana, Illinois:
  Designed and implemented software in FORTRAN to detect equipment failures in trigger of the
  Stanford Linear Detector (SLD); translated SLD electronics environment monitor code from 8051
  January 1989 - May 1990, June 1988 - August 1988
  Graduate Teaching Assistant at University of Illinois; Urbana, Illinois:
  Taught recitation and laboratory for Introduction to Modern Physics and Senior Modern Physics
  August 1988 - December 1988, August 1987 - May 1988
Course work Numerical Analysis, PDEs (Classical, Modern, and Numerical), ODEs, Computational Methods
  for Applied Mathematics and Physics, Mechanics (Classical, Continuum, and Quantum),
  Mathematical Methods for Physics, Real Analysis, Nonlinear Waves, Electromagnetics, etc.
Computer Programming experience in C, FORTRAN, BASIC, QuickBASIC, 8051 ASSEMBLER, FASTBUS,
  Mathematica, MATLAB, IDL, DCL, and RDB using UNIX, VMS, Windows, and MacIntosh
  operating systems. Experience with HTML and LaTeX.
Publications $\bullet$ The Effect of Contact Lines on the Rayleigh Instability with Anisotropic Surface Energy, (with
  G.B. McFadden), in preparation.
  $\bullet$ Slow Damping of Internal Waves in Stably Stratified Fluid, (with R. Kollar and R. L. Pego),
  in preparation.
  $\bullet$ The Effect of Anisotropic Surface Energy on the Rayleigh Instability, (with G.B. McFadden),
  $\bullet$ An HLLC-type Approximate Riemann Solver for Ideal Magnetohydrodynamics, submitted.
  $\bullet$ Normal Modes for a Stratified Viscous Fluid Layer, (with R. L. Pego), Royal Society of Edinburgh,
  132A, pp. 1-15, 2002.
  $\bullet$ Hints for Finding Non-Academic Research Positions (Postdoctoral and Permanent), Association for
  Women in Mathematics Newsletter, Vol. 31, No. 5, September-October 2001, pp.17-19.
  $\bullet$ Decay Rates of Internal Waves in Viscous Near-Critical Fluids, (with R. L. Pego), Physical
  Review E, July 1, 2000, Volume 62, Number 1, pp. 517-524.
  $\bullet$ Decay Rates of Internal Waves in Viscous Near-Critical Fluids, Ph.D. thesis, June 1999.
  $\bullet$ Determining Addition Rates for the Growth of Uniform Silver Halide Crystals, (with D. Ambrose,
  C. Gerads Fournelle, D. Peng, V. Shekhar, and V. Varghese), Proceedings for the Mathematical
  Modeling in Industry Workshop for Graduate Students, Institute for Mathematics and Its
  Applications, July 22-31 1998.
  $\bullet$ Extracting Meteorological Data from a Projectile Trajectory, (with P. Hagerty, M. Hasson, M.
  Moisan, and C. Perez), Proceedings for the Industrial Mathematics Modeling Workshop for Graduate
  Students, Editor J. Scroggs, Center for Research in Scientific Computation, August 3-13, 1997.
  $\bullet$ Improved Estimation of Heat Transfer Characteristics of a Power Condenser, (with A. Crowe,
  J. Pelesko, and J. Spencer), Proceedings for the Claremont Colleges Mathematics Modeling
  Workshop for Graduate Students, June 5-15, 1994.
Honors Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Sigma Iota, Phi Sigma Tau.
Professional Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, American Mathematical Society, American Physical
Memberships Society, Association for Women in Mathematics.
Additional U.S. Citizen. References available upon request.

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Katharine Gurski 2002-09-10