Don Porter's Tcl/Tk Core Patches

Note: Development of Tcl/Tk is now hosted at SourceForge with public bug, patch, and feature request trackers. I no longer post my patches separately here. They are available at SourceForge.

The following patches to various versions of the Tcl/Tk Core have been submitted to Scriptics Corporation for their consideration to be included in future Tcl/Tk Core releases.

Curious note: The two patches submitted first were only one character long each.

Bug Fixes

[trace] should use Tcl_Preserve()

[namespace code] failure

[uplevel] assumes caller cmd definitions

[unknown]: bad errorInfo management

[package forget]: not as documented

unixInit.test is broken

bad scale RoundToResolution numerics

[auto_execok] 'start' is NT builtin

[expr {" "}] inconsistentcy on Tru64

panic in [expr + {[incr]}]

'make gendate' target broken

tclDate.c compiler warnings; gendate target broken

Tcl_Exit() before Tk_Init() --> CRASH!

library(n) correction

library(n) page out of date

FileSeekProc() fails to return error code

irrelevant pkgIndex.tcl permissions impact app startup

[scale .s -variable x] --> CRASH!

Index of embedded window in text: dumps core

Typo in tcl_findLibrary search path construction

Feature Requests

compatibility interface for Tk privates

[info loaded] should return real package names

Replace [load {} tk]

conceal Tk's privates

[package] support for alpha, beta releases

Don't silently ignore $::env(TCL_LIBRARY)

add nmake support for NT/Alpha

add nmake support for NT/Alpha

auto_load errors: don't prune $::errorInfo

make runtest: missing dependency

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