The Tcl package package

package provides a new [package] command for managing Tcl packages. The [package] it provides is meant to be a 100% compatible replacement for the built-in command [package] provided by the Tcl library. It extends the interface of the built-in [package] to provide more control over managing package dependencies, and to provide a more robust package indexing scheme.

The latest release of package is package 0.0.1, distributed as the file package0.0.1.tar.gz. package 0.0.1 is an alpha release. Its code is identical to package 0.0, but several typos, misleading, and incorrect statements in the comments have been corrected. Download and unpack the distribution file, then read the file README for further instructions.

Briefly, package extends each of [package require], [package present], and [package vsatisfies] so that they accept a $maxVersion argument as well as the $minVersion argument supported by the built-in [package]. package also adds the new subcommands [package index], [package mkdepend], and [package prerequisites]. Finally, this package renames the subcommands [package vcompare] to [package compare] and [package vsatisfies] to [package satisfies] in the interest of a less cryptic interface. The old subcommands are still supported for compatibility with the built-in [package].

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