Tools for Evaluating Mathematical and Statistical Software

Special Functions Focus Area

This area of numerical computation has the property that input to its software is of small dimension. Accordingly, high accuracy reference software that produces test data with guaranteed error bounds is feasible. Recent research is providing algorithms for new functions which are being used to extend library functionality. Library developers need illustrations of anomalous behavior to improve robustness of research algorithms, and library users need a simple mechanism that they can use to tailor tests to their own specific applications. To address these issues we are experimenting with the development of a Web-based interactive software testing service for special functions. This project is part of a larger effort to develop tools for evaluating mathematical and statistical software (this link available only within National Institute of Standards and Technology).

Last change in this page: January 23, 2004. This project has been dormant in recent years. Resumption is anticipated but not scheduled at this time. Comments about the proposed Software Testing Service for Special Functions are welcome. Please send them to