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Included functions are $ \sin(x)$, $ \cos(x)$, $ \tan(x)$, $ \arcsin(x)$, $ \arccos(x)$, $ \arctan(x)$, $ \ln(x)$, $ \exp(x)$, square root, cube root, floor, ceiling, truncation, rounding, absolute value. Capabilities include extensibility (user can add new functions, and save them for use in other capabilities), line graphs (up to 8 on one set of axes), line graph animation (sequence of $ f_k(x)$), parametric graphs ( $ x=f(t), y=g(t)$), derivative graphs ( $ f(x), f'(x), f''(x)$ displayed side-by-side; dragging mouse displays tangent line of $ f(x)$ (or $ f'(x)$) and relates it to $ f'(x)$ ($ f''(x)$), visualization of Riemann integration (user can vary Riemann approximation and number of integration subintervals), visualization of ODE solutions ( $ dx/dt=f(x,y), dy/dt=g(x,y)$), 3D graphs ($ z=f(x,y)$ as a wire mesh or shaded surface that can be rotated, zoomed in, zoomed out).

Daniel W Lozier 2000-09-06