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Functions $ \sin(x)$, $ \cos(x)$, $ \tan(x)$, $ \exp(x)$, $ \ln(x)$, $ \arctan(x)$, $ \cosh(x)$, $ \sinh(x)$, integer part, absolute value are accessible in some applets. Animated graphical visualizations of function evaluations and of proofs of simple theorems (law of sines, law of cosines, trigonometric addition formulas, ...). Also parametric graphs ($ x=f(t)$, $ y=g(t)$), polar graphs ( $ r=f(\theta)$), 3D graphs ($ z=f(x,y)$ as a wire frame that can be rotated), visualization of ODE solutions ( $ dy/dx=f(x,y)$, and $ dx/dt=f(x,y)$, $ dy/dt=g(x,y)$).

Daniel W Lozier 2000-09-06