Scroller is a scrollable container. The idea is to have a scrollable viewport into a large container with arbitrary components in it. It works tollerably well, but not quite as good as I had hoped. There are some shortcomings, that I'll describe here. First some terminology. The Scroller contains two Scrollbar's and one container that we'll call the Viewport. The Viewport contains another container we'll call Scrolled. The Viewport's job is to clip Scrolled to the visible portion selected by the scroll bars. Ideally, you would treat the Scroller exactly as if it WERE Scrolled, ie. adding to it, removing, etc; with the scrolling machinery transparently inserted in between. Also, Scrolled should be layed out to be as big as it wants to be. Some of these could, no doubt, be worked around, but this may be moot, as Javasoft apparently intends to include a similar widget in an upcoming release of the JDK.

There is a rather nasty bug in Netscape running on SunOS; the inner panel is not clipped by the viewport panel. This results in a pretty messy screen.

Created by Bruce Miller @ NIST ( Disclaimer.