Class ComplexFloatFFT_Mixed


public class ComplexFloatFFT_Mixed
extends ComplexFloatFFT

Computes FFT's of complex, single precision data of arbitrary length n. This class uses the Mixed Radix method; it has special methods to handle factors 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7, as well as a general factor.

This method appears to be faster than the Radix2 method, when both methods apply, but requires extra storage (which ComplexDoubleFFT_Mixed manages itself).

See ComplexFloatFFT for details of data layout.

Constructor Summary
ComplexFloatFFT_Mixed(int n)
Method Summary
 void backtransform(float[] data, int i0, int stride)
 void transform(float[] data, int i0, int stride)
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Constructor Detail


public ComplexFloatFFT_Mixed(int n)
Method Detail


public void transform(float[] data,
                      int i0,
                      int stride)
transform in class ComplexFloatFFT


public void backtransform(float[] data,
                          int i0,
                          int stride)
backtransform in class ComplexFloatFFT