2 Using LaTeXML

§ 2.4 Site processing

A more complicated situation combines several TeX sources into a single interlinked site consisting of multiple pages and a composite index and bibliography.


First, all TeX sources must be converted to XML, using latexml. Since every target-able element in all files to be combined must have a unique identifier, it is useful to prefix each identifier with a unique value for each file. The latexml option --documentid=id provides this.


Secondly, all XML files must be split and scanned using the command

   latexmlpost --prescan --dbfile=DB --dest=i.xhtml i

where DB names a file in which to store the scanned data. Other conversions, including writing the output file, are skipped in this prescanning step.


Finally, all XML files are cross-referenced and converted into the final format using the command

     latexmlpost --noscan --dbfile=DB --dest=i.xhtml i

which skips the unnecessary scanning step.