2 Using LaTeXML

§ 2.3 Splitting the Output

For larger documents, it is often desirable to break the result into several interlinked pages. This split, carried out before scanning, is requested by


where level is one of chapter, section, subsection, or subsubsection. For example, section would split the document into chapters (if any) and sections, along with separate bibliography, index and any appendices. (See also --splitxpath in latexml.) The removed document nodes are replaced by a Table of Contents.

The extra files are named using either the id or label of the root node of each new page document according to


The relative foms create shorter names in subdirectories for each level of splitting. (See also --urlstyle and --documentid in latexml.)

Additionally, the index and bibliography can be split into separate pages according to the initial letter of entries by using the options

--splitindex  and --splitbibliography