E Core Modules

E.27 LaTeXML::Core::Parameters

Formal parameters.


Provides a representation for the formal parameters of LaTeXML::Core::Definitions: It extends LaTeXML::Common::Object.


@parameters = $parameters->getParameters;

Return the list of LaTeXML::Core::Parameter contained in $parameters.

@tokens = $parameters->revertArguments(@args);

Return a list of LaTeXML::Core::Token that would represent the arguments such that they can be parsed by the Gullet.

@args = $parameters->readArguments($gullet,$fordefn);

Read the arguments according to this $parameters from the $gullet. This takes into account any special forms of arguments, such as optional, delimited, etc.

@args = $parameters->readArgumentsAndDigest($stomach,$fordefn);

Reads and digests the arguments according to this $parameters, in sequence. this method is used by Constructors.

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