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Workshop on the
Mathematics of Mathematical Software

Portland, Oregon, USA, June 3-4, 2002

with IFIP WG 2.5 Business Meeting on June 1-2, 2002

The city of Portand, Oregon with Mount Hood in the background. The Portland Center for the Performing Arts.


There are clearly two parts to mathematical software. The software part has been much talked about, and justifiably so, as there are many new and exciting technologies as well as challenges in this field. The mathematics part, however, remains intrinsically interesting, and has no lack of its share of new technologies and challenges.

There are at least two aspects of the mathematics of mathematical software. The obvious aspect is the mathematics that the software provides. Thus, the mathematics of numerical linear algebra, fast transforms, integration, etc. As these fields are advancing still, new algorithms, methods, and analysis are excellent topics to be heard. There is another, but perhaps, not so obvious aspect. Mathematical and algorithmic techniques can often be appropriately developed and applied in the aid to develop mathematical software. Examples include automatic generation and search for optimal or near-optimal implementations, machine-aided error analysis, and practical formal methods. This aspect can be viewed as a higher-level application of mathematics to the production of mathematical software.

In this workshop, we will consider many of these areas and their synergy with the mathematics of mathematical software.


Participation in the workshop is open to all with an interest in the subject of the workshop, subject only to space limitations. It is necessary that you register in advance, however (see below). Those interested in making a presentation at the workshop should contact Peter Tang as soon as possible.


The workshop will be held in the Lipman Wolfe Conference Room, on the 3rd floor of the 5th Avenue Suites Hotel. Continental breakfast will be served at 8:30 am each day; the technical program will begin at 9:00 am. A tentative schedule of presentations and abstracts is available.

The following persons have committed to giving presentations at the workshop.

Wayne Enright, University of Toronto (WG2.5)
Fast Contouring of Approximate Solutions of PDEs

Patrick Gaffney, Bergen Software Services International A/S
Optimization from a Java Interface: Numerical Methods Framework

John Harrison, Intel
Formal Verification of Floating-point Software

Greg Henry, Intel
High-performance numerical linear software at Intel

Ulrich Kulisch, Universitat Karlsruhe (WG2.5)
Hardware Support for Interval Arithmetic and Basic Features of Mathematical Software

Rencang Li, Hewlett-Packard
The ABC Conjecture and Correctly Rounded Reciprocal Square Root

Dragan Mirkovic, University of Houston
Automatic code generation for FFT algorithms

Mo Mu, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (WG2.5)
PDE.Mart: A Networked PDE Solving Environment

Clemens Roothaan, Hewlett-Packard
Minimax Polynomials: New Chebyshev and Remez Engines
A Vector Transcendental Math Library for the Itanium Architecture

Masaaki Shimasaki, Kyoto University (WG2.5)
Fast Linear Equation solvers in High Performance Electromagnetic Field Analysis

Ping Tak Peter Tang, Intel (WG2.5)
Error analysis in Practice for Numerical Software

Xintian Wu, Intel
Fast Beam Search in Speech Recognition using Intel(R) IPP

Yonghong Yan, Oregon Graduate Institute.
The Expectation Maximization Algorithm and Its Application in Speech


The workshop will be held at the 5th Avenue Suites Hotel in downtown Portland, Oregon. A block of rooms has been reserved for this event. Hotel reservation should be made by telephone at 1-800-711-2971 (or 1-503-222-0001). Please mention the IFIP Working Group to get the workshop $110/night rate. (The hotel point of contact is Ms. Julie Brown if there are questions.) Reservations must be made by May 8, 2002.

Portland is served by Portland International Airport. Ground transportation options for getting to downtown include light rail, shuttle buses, taxis, and rental cars. Information is provided on the airport web page. Driving directions can be found on the hotel web page.


We ask attendees to register in advance so that we can plan for the meeting. There will be no registration fee.

Registration form

Registered attendees

WG 2.5

The IFIP Working Group 2.5 will hold its annual business meeting on Saturday and Sunday, June 1-2, 2002. This meeting is open to working group members, affiliates, and guests. The meeting will be held in the Alder Creek #B room of the 5th Avenue Suites Hotel. Continental breakfast will be available at 8:30 am each day. The meeting will begin at 9:00 am. A tentative agenda is available.

A formal program for accompanying persons has not been planned for this meeting. It is suggested that accompanying persons meet on Saturday morning at 8:30 am at the meeting location to get together and plan joint outings. Suggested possibilities in Portland include: (a) Washington Park, which includes the Portland Rose Gardens, Japanese Gardens, the World Forestry Center Museum, and the Oregon Zoo, and (b) Pittock Mansion. Sights in the Portland region include (a) the Columbia River Gorge, (b) Mount Hood, and (c) the Pacific Coast. The Portland Visitors Association provides itineraries.


The workshop organizer is Peter Tang. Please contact him directly if you have further questions regarding the workshop.

The workshop is sponsored by

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