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Topic #12   ------------   OP-SF NET 6.1  ------------  January 15, 1999
From: Tom Koornwinder (
Subject: HYPERG: a Maple package to manipulate hypergeometric series

The following information is taken from the web site:

   HYPERG is a maple package for the manipulation of hypergeometric series
   denoted by the usual symbol  F(a_1,a_2,...; b_1,b_2,...; x)$.  It  also
   provides tools for automatic proofs of identities,  but  they are  just
   tools:  every step in a series of manipulations  has to  be  controlled
   by the user.  The  goal  of  this  package  is  to make  the algorithms
   in this area better known,  and to help you  enter  the wonderful world
   of hypergeometric series. 

   Many  features  of  this package  are due to C. Krattenthaler  and  his
   Mathematica package HYP.

   Many   thanks   to   C. Krattenthaler,   P. Paule,   M. Petkovsek   and
   D. Zeilberger for their helpful comments.

The package provides several tools (about sixty functions) for:
  o transforming sums into hypergeometric notation;
  o manipulating factorial expressions;
  o applying summation and transformation formulas;
  o applying contiguous relations;
  o computing formal limits of hypergeometric expressions;
  o finding polynomial, rational and hypergeometric solutions
    of recurrences;
  o using the Gosper and Zeilberger algorithms.

For the moment, this program only works under Maple V Release 2
and Release 3.

    Bruno Gauthier
    Universite Marne La Vallee
    Institut Gaspard Monge
    Cite Descartes,
    5, Bd Descartes, Champs sur Marne,
    77454 Marne La Vallee, Cedex 2,

The Web site gives instructions for downloading the program for Ms-Dos,
Windows [3.x, 95] and Unix-Linux system. 

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