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Extract from OP-SF NET

Topic #6  ---------------  OP-SF NET  ---------------  February 9, 1995
From: Tom Koornwinder 
Subject: Celebration of Gabor Szego in Hungary

Gabor Szego (in diacritical TeX notation written as G\'abor Szeg\H{o})
was born on January 20, 1895 in Kunhegyes, Hungary, so the enthusiastic
citizens of this small town organized a a little celebration on
January 21, 1995, which was endorsed and co-organized by the Janos Bolyai
Society and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

Paul Nevai attended the celebration and reported on it.
His full account appeared in AT-NET and is obtainable from


Below follows a very short extract I have made from Paul's report.
(I apologize for having left out the diacritical signs.)

During the morning session there were four speeches about Szego's
life by the following speakers:
- Barna Szenassy (read by Erzsbet Daroczy)
- Dick Askey (translated into Hungarian and read by Gyuri Petruska)
- Lee Lorch (idem)
- Paul Nevai
The talks by Askey and Lorch are included in Paul Nevai's full account.

After lunch the participants  went to see the Szego exhibit in the
of the City Library.

The afternoon session consisted of a few 15 minutes talks about
Szego's influence on Hungarian mathematics. It was organized by Gabor
Halasz. The speakers were Gabor Halasz, Gyuri Petruska, Paul Nevai,
and Peter Vertesi. Topics ranged over inequalities, power series,
Szego's theory, interpolation, etc.

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