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Topic #5  --------------  OP-SF NET 4.1 --------------- January 15, 1997
From: OP-SF Net editor 
Subject: Steele Prize for Bruce Berndt

According to the Notices of the American Mathematical Society, November
1996, pp. 1340-1341, Bruce C. Berndt has received one of the three 1996 
Steele Prizes.


  The prize  was awarded to Bruce Berndt for his four volumes "Ramanujan's
  Notebooks", Parts I, II, II, and IV, Springer, 1985, 1989, 1991, and
  1994. In recognition of Berndt's heroic and extraordinary achievement in   
  exposing to the general mathematical researcher a trove of results
  that were utterly inaccessible before, the AMS decided this year,
  exceptionally, to broaden the standard interpretation of "exposition".
  In an impressive scholarly accomplishment, spread out over 20 years,
  Berndt has provided a readable and complete account of the Notebooks,  
  making them accessible to other mathematicians. Ramanujan's enigmatic,
  unproved formulas are now readily available, together with context and
  explication, often after the most intense and clever research efforts on
  Berndt's part.

See also Berndt's Response in the Notices, or at

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