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Extract from OP-SF NET

Topic #12  -----------------  OP-SF NET  ------------------ May 16, 1996
From: OP-SF Net editor 
Subject: Revising the 1991 Mathematics Subject Classification

Editor's note (THK):
The following was taken from Notices AMS, December 1995, p.1547, see also
I suggest that you send suggestions for revision of numbers 33
(Special functions), 42Cxx (Nontrigonometric Fourier analysis) and 44
(Integral transforms, operational calculus) also to the editors of
OP-SF Net, in order that a summary of suggestions for this subject can
be listed, and maybe discussed here.

Note from Notices AMS:
Mathematics Subject Classification Scheme Revision

To the Mathematical Community:

The editors of Mathematical Reviews and Zentralblatt f|r Mathematik
have initiated the process of revising the 1991 Mathematics Subject
Classification, which is used by both journals as their classification
system. The editors do not plan a radical revision of the present 1991
system, but it is clear that some changes will be needed in order to  
accommodate recent developments in mathematical research.

It will be necessary to have this revision completed by the end of 1998 so
that it can begin to be used in Current Mathematical Publications in mid
1999, and in Mathematical Reviews and Zentralblatt f|r Mathematik
beginning in 2000. 

We hereby solicit comments and suggestions from the mathematical community
to be considered in this revision process. These should be submitted by
June, 1997. The preferred method of communication is by e-mail: or

(Comments and suggestions may also be sent to either one of us at the
addresses given below.)  We are eager that research mathematicians and
scholars have input in this revision process as soon as possible.

   R. Keith Dennis                    Bernd Wegner
   Executive Editor                   Chefredakteur
   Mathematical Reviews               Zentralblatt f|r Mathematik

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