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Extract from OP-SF NET

From: Vadim B. Kuznetsov 
Subject: Call for contributions to J. Phys. A
Date: August 1996

Dear friends,

I would like to attract your attention to the fact that Journal 
of Physics A is in favour of publishing Papers and Letters from
the field of Orthogonal Polynomials/Special functions. As an example,
see below a (very incomplete) collection of recent titles in fields
close to the OP-SF one and published in the first 16 volumes of this year. 

You are encouraged to submit some of your MS's to the Jounal of Physics A.
For information on submission visit the URL

Regards, Vadim Kuznetsov (member of Editorial Board J. Phys. A)

Analytical treatment of the Green function singularity in integral
of scattering theory (L405-L412) (21 August 1996) 

The measure of the orthogonal polynomials related to Fibonacci chains: 
the periodic case (4169-4185) (21 July 1996) 

Relativistic orthogonal polynomials are Jacobi polynomials (3199-3202) 
(21 June 1996) 

Fock - Bargmann representation of the distorted Heisenberg algebra
(21 June 1996) 

Separation of variables for the A2 Ruijsenaars model and a new integral 
representation for the A2 Macdonald polynomials (2779-2804) (7 June 1996) 

Affine Hecke algebra, Macdonald polynomials, and quantum many-body systems 
(L281-L287) (7 June 1996) 

A new result for Laguerre polynomials (L277-L279) (7 June 1996) 

An operator approach to the construction of generating functions for
of associated Laguerre polynomials (L263-L270) (21 May 1996)
On a one-parameter family of q-exponential functions (L223-L227) (21 May

Relativistic Calogero - Sutherland model: spin generalization, quantum
symmetry and dynamical correlation functions (L191-L198) (21 April 1996)
On the coherent states for the q-Hermite polynomials and related Fourier 
transformation (1659-1664) (21 April 1996) 

The dual Hahn q-polynomials in the lattice (...) and the q-algebras (...)
and (...) (1435-1451) (7 April 1996) 

Special representations of (...) at the roots of unity (1201-1214) 
(21 March 1996) 

Ramanujan-type continuous measures for biorthogonal q-rational functions 
(329-338) (21 January 1996) 

Minimum uncertainty states for the quantum group  and quantum Wigner 
d-functions (427-435) (21 January 1996) 

Transformation of certain generalized KampZ de FZriet functions 
(357-363) (21 January 1996) 

Generalization of Weierstrassian elliptic functions to  (...) (L17-L22) 
(7 January 1996) 

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