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Extract from OP-SF NET

Topic #14  ----------------  OP-SF NET  ----------------- March 14, 1996
From: Editors of AT-NET 
Subject: Change of address for AT-NET

As of the next issue, AT-NET is changing its address. It will be run  
from the University of Erlangen in Erlangen, Germany. The two new editors
who will be handling At-Net are Hans-Joachim Schmid and Hans Strauss. 

Submissions to At-Net should now be sent to one of:

The same listproc program which runs AT-NET at its present address will
also run AT-NET at its future address, and thus the same commands should
work. Thus to sign on to AT-NET one should send the message:
       sub at-net first_name last_name

and to get a list of subscribers, send the message:
          review at-net
also to:

Current subscribers of AT-NET need NOT subscribe to the new address.
This will, of course, be automatically done.

A new home page with back issues of AT-NET may be found at:

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