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Extract from OP-SF NET

Topic #10  -----------------  OP-SF NET  ------------------ May 16, 1996
From: S.B. Yakubovich 
Subject: New book on integral transforms

The following book has appeared:

S.B. Yakubovich,
Index Transforms,
World Scientific, Singapore. London. Hong Kong, 1996.
264 pp.

"This book deals with the theory and some applications of integral
transforms that involve integration with respect to an index or parameter
of special functions of hypergeometric type as the kernel (index
transforms). The basic index transforms are considered, such as the
Kontorovich-Lebedev transform, the Mehler-Fock transform, the Olevskii
transform, the Lebedev-Skalskaya transforms. The Lp theory of index
transforms is discussed and new index transforms and convolution
constructions are demonstrated. For the first time, the essentially
multidimensional Kontorovich-Lebedev transform is announced.  The book is
self-contained, and includes a list of symbols with definitions, author
and subject indices, and an up-to-date bibliography". 

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