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Extract from OP-SF NET

Topic #13  -----------------  OP-SF NET  ------------------ May 17, 1995
From: Hans Haubold 
Subject: New book on mathematical software

Authors:  T. Watanabe, M. Natoni, and T. Oguni (Editors)
Title:    Mathematical Software for the P.C. and Workstations: 
          A Collection of Fortran 77 Programs
Publisher:Elsevier Science B.V., North-Holland, Amsterdam,    

The book is the translation of its Japanese version from 1989
and contains instructions and mathematical outline for
numerical computations focusing on (1) the Gamma function and
related functions, Bessel functions of first and second kind
and related functions, various orthogonal polynomials,
exponential and trigonometric integrals, the error function
and related functions, the Fresnel integrals, the complete
elliptical integrals and random number generation, (2)
algebraic equations, transcendental equations, ordinary
differential equations, simultaneous linear equations, inverse
matrices, eigenvalue problems of matrices, and (3) data
analysis, including least-square methods, optimization
methods, interpolations, and Fourier transforms. A diskette is
included with all the source code in double precision for real
values of the argument of the function.
The bibliographies attached to each chapter in the book refer
particularly to Japanese research work done in the field of
numerical analysis and supplements in this sense D.W. Lozier
and F.W.J. Olver's very useful paper that assists to locate
approximations and software for the numerical generation of
special functions.

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