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Topic #16  ----------------  OP-SF NET  ----------------- July 13, 1995
From: Virginia Kiryakova 
Subject: New Proceedings "Transform Methods & Special Functions"

            Proceedings of  First  International  Workshop

                Transform Methods & Special Functions

            Editors: P. Rusev, I. Dimovski, V. Kiryakova.
                SCT Publishing, Singapore 1995, 380 p.

    The First International Workshop "Transform Methods & Special
Functions" took place in the resort town of Bankya, near Sofia (Bulgaria),
12 - 17 August 1994.
    Organizing Committee: Prof-s  P. Rusev, I. Dimovski, S. L. Kalla
(Chairmen), Asso. Prof-s  V. Kiryakova, L. Boyadjiev (Secretaries).
    Main topics: Integral Transforms, Special Functions, Series
Fractional Calculus and Generalizations, Algebraical Analysis, Operational
Calculus, Univalent Functions Theory and their applications to Complex
Analysis, Differential and Integral Equations.
    Participants: 46 mathematicians from  Australia, Bulgaria,
Canada, Egypt, Germany, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Poland, Russia, Taiwan, USA,
Vietnam and Yugoslavia.
    The volume contains invited surveys and papers submitted by the
participants, among them many eminent experts in the areas of the
The authors are: A. Al-Zamel, P. Antosik - W. Kierat - K. Skornik,
I. Dimovski - R. Petrova, D. Dryanov - V. Vatchev, E. M. Elabd, S. Fukui,
H.-J. Glaeske, R. Gorenflo - R. Rutman, R. N. Kalia, S. L. Kalla, A.
- M. Saigo, V. Kiryakova, S. Krasinska, A. Lecko - T. Yaguchi, E. R. Love,
F. Mainardi - M. Tomirotti, S. Mincheva, D. Nikolic-Despotovic, K.
S. Owa, J. Paneva - Konovska, I. Podlubny, D. Przeworska, S. Rolewicz,
P. G. Rooney, P. Rusev, M. Saigo - A. Kilbas, H. Saitoh, T. Sekine,
Shih-Tong Tu - Ding-Kuo Chyan, K. Skornik, J. Sokol, J. Stankiewicz -
Z. Stankiewicz - K. Wilczek, B. Stankovic, D. Takaci - A. Takaci, Vu Kim
Tuan - R. Gorenflo, R. Yamakawa.
    Contents:  380 p. including  Preface,  List of Participants,
Appendix  (Photomaterials of the Workshop).

To order copies of the volume, please write directly to the Publisher:

Mr.  Willie Yong -  Science Culture Technology Publishing (SCTP)
AMK Central  Post  Office, P.O. Box 0581, Singapore  9156
Republic of  Singapore
Fax: +65-458-5540 ; E-mail: fbasumcc@nusvm.bitnet

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