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Topic #13    -------------    OP-SF NET 6.4   -------------  July 15, 1999
From: Vyacheslav Spiridonov  
Subject: Announcement of a book on self-similar systems

 "Self-Similar Systems", Proceedings of the International
 Workshop (July 30 - August 7, Dubna, Russia, 1998).
 Edited by V.B. Priezzhev and V.P. Spiridonov
 (JINR, E5-99-38, Dubna, 1999), 404 pp.
 ISBN 5-85165-525-9

This book consists of three parts:
I. Wavelets and their applications.
II. Self-structuring, quasicrystals, nonlinear equations.
III. Orthogonal polynomials and special functions.

The orthogonal polynomials session of the workshop was devoted to the 
centenary of the Soviet mathematician and mechanicist Ya.L. Geronimus. 
The contents of the corresponding part of the proceedings is given 
below. Complete information on the book is available on  the web-page:


Golinskii L., On the scientific legacy of Ya.L. Geronimus
    (to the hundredth anniversary)
Andrievskii V.V. and  Blatt H.-P., Local discrepancy theorems 
    for the distribution of zeros of polynomials
Aptekarev A.I. and Kaliaguine V.A., On a generalization of the 
    nonlinear Langmuir chains
Bangerezako G. and  Magnus A.P., The factorization
    method for the semi-classical polynomials
Belogrudov A., Semi-classical orthogonal polynomials and integrable 
Mantica G., Generalized Bessel functions: theoretical relevance, 
    and computational techniques
Marcellan F. and  Petronilho J., Orthogonal polynomials and 
    polynomial mappings on the unit circle
Nikiforov A. and Skachkov M., Methods for computing the Hahn polynomials
Osilenker B.P., Generalized trace formula for symmetric
    Legendre-Sobolev orthogonal polynomials
Rodriguez J.M., Alvarez V., Romera E., and Pestana D.,
    Generalized weighted Sobolev spaces
Spiridonov V. and Zhedanov A., Self-similarity, spectral
    transformations and orthogonal and biorthogonal polynomials
Stahl H., Rational best approximants in the Hardy space H^2
Steinbauer R., Considerations on Schur parameters with 
    constant blocks
Suetin P.K., Classical orthogonal polynomials in the theory
    of Schrodinger equation
Van Assche W., Zero distribution of orthogonal polynomials
    with asymptotically periodic varying recurrence coefficients

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