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Topic #4  -------------   OP-SF NET 8.5  ------------  September 15, 2001
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Subject: Special Functions 2000 (Tempe) Proceedings

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             Special Functions 2000: Current Perspective and Future

             Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute on Special
             Functions 2000, held in Tempe, Arizona, USA

             edited by
             Joaquin Bustoz
             Mourad E.H. Ismail
             Sergei K. Suslov

             NATO SCIENCE SERIES: II: Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry
             Volume 30

             The Advanced Study Institute brought together
             researchers in the main areas of special functions and
             applications to present recent developments in the theory,
             review the accomplishments of past decades, and chart
             directions for future research. Some of the topics covered
             are orthogonal polynomials and special functions in one
             and several variables, asymptotic, continued fractions,
             applications to number theory, combinatorics and
             mathematical physics, integrable systems, harmonic
             analysis and quantum groups, Painlevé classification.

             Contents and Contributors
             - Preface.
             - Foreword.
             - Bailey's transform, lemma, chains and tree; G.E. Andrews.
             - Riemann-Hilbert problems for multiple orthogonal polynomials;
                    W. Van Assche, et al.
             - Flowers which we cannot yet see growing in Ramanujan's garden of
                    hypergeometric series, elliptic functions and q's;
                    B.C. Berndt.
             - Orthogonal rational functions and continued fractions;
                    A. Bultheel, et al.
             - Orthogonal polynomials and reflection groups; C.F Dunkl.
             - The bispectral problem: an overview; F.A. Grunbaum.
             - The Bochner-Krall problem: some new perspectives; L. Haine.
             - Lectures on q-orthogonal polynomials; M.E.H. Ismail.
             - The Askey-Wilson function transform scheme; E. Koelink, J.V.
             - Arithmetic of the partition function; K. Ono.
             - The associated classical orthogonal polynomials; M. Rahman.
             - Special functions defined by analytic difference equations;
                     S.N.M. Ruijsenaars.
             - The factorization method, self-similar potentials and quantum
                     algebras; V.P. Spiridonov.
             - Generalized eigenvalue problem and a new family of rational
                     functions biorthogonal on elliptic grids; V.P.
                     Spiridonov, A.S. Zhedanov.
             - Orthogonal polynomials and combinatorics; D. Stanton.
             - Basic exponential functions on a q-quadratic grid; S.K. Suslov.
             - Projection operator method for quantum groups; V.N. Tolstoy.
             - Uniform asymptotic expansions; R. Wong.
             - Exponential asymptotics; R. Wong.
             - Index.

             Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht

                 Hardbound, ISBN 0-7923-7119-4
                 EUR 190.00 / USD 175.00 / GBP 120.00
                 Paperback, ISBN 0-7923-7120-8
                 September 2001, 536 pp.
                 EUR 80.00 / USD 74.00 / GBP 50.00

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