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Extract from OP-SF NET

Topic #15  ---------------  OP-SF NET  ---------------- November 15, 1996
From: Hans J. Haubold 
Subject: Mathai Festschrift

I would like to draw your attention to the International Journal of
Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, June 1995, Vol. 4, No.1, 1-130,
containing A Festschrift in Celebration of Professor A.M. Mathai's
Sixtieth Birthday. 


- Foreword by S.B. Provost
- Publications of A.M. Mathai
- S.Cakmak, D.A.S.Fraser, P.McDunnogh, and N.Reid: Likelihood
     centered asymptotic model exponential and location model
- H.J.Haubold: An analytic solar model - Physical principles and
     mathematical structures.
- S.Kounias: Poisson approximation and Bonferroni bounds for the
     probability of the union events.
- I.B.MacNeill, Y.Mao, L.Xie, and S.M.Tang: Segmented models for
     age-period-cohort cancer data.
- A.M.Mathai and P.G.Moschopoulos: The distribution of the
     standard F-ratio in one-way ANOVA with multinomially
     distributed cell sizes.
- G.Pederzoli: Integral and series representations of a G-
     function through statistical techniques.
- S.B.Provost and E.M.Rudiuk: Moments and densities of test
     statistics for covariance structures.
- W.Y.Tan and M.L.Tiku: On a sampling distribution of the F-
     ratio in random effect models.
- D.S.Tracy and N.S.Mangat: Respondent's privacy hazards in
     Moors' randomized response model - A remedial strategy.

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