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Topic #7  ------------   OP-SF NET 7.6  -------------   November 15, 2000
From: OP-SF NET Editor (
Subject: New book on elliptic polynomials

The following information is from the publisher's web site:
Publisher: Chapman & Hall/CRC 
Title: Elliptic Polynomials 
Authors: Lomont; J S University of Arizona, USA 
         Brillhart; John University of Arizona, USA 
ISBN/ISSN: 1584882107
Price: $84.95 
No. of Pages: 320
Publication date: 8/31/2000

A remarkable interplay exists between the fields of elliptic functions and
orthogonal polynomials. In the first monograph to explore their connections,
Elliptic Polynomials combines these two areas of study, leading to an interesting
development of some basic aspects of each. It presents new material about various
classes of polynomials and about the odd Jacobi elliptic functions and their
The term elliptic polynomials refers to the polynomials generated by odd elliptic
integrals and elliptic functions. In studying these, the authors consider such
things as orthogonality and the construction of weight functions and measures,
finding structure constants and interesting inequalities, and deriving useful
formulas and evaluations.
Although some of the material may be familiar, it establishes a new mathematical
field that intersects with classical subjects at many points. Its wealth of
information on important properties of polynomials and clear, accessible
presentation make Elliptic Polynomials valuable to those in real and complex
analysis, number theory, and combinatorics, and will undoubtedly generate further

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