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Topic #12  ---------------  OP-SF NET  --------------- September 12, 1996
From: Wolfram Koepf 
Subject: Special issue of J. Symbolic Computation

The following are the contents of a special issue of the Journal of
Symbolic Computation which contains the Proceedings of a workshop on
"Symbolic Computation in Combinatorics" held during September 21-24, 1993,
at Cornell University. Some of the articles are on hypergeometric
identities, and might be of interest to the members of our Activity Group. 

Journal of Symbolic Computation
Vol. 20, Nos. 5 and 6, November / December 1995
Special Issue: Symbolic Computation in Combinatorics $Delta_1$
Volume Editors: Peter Paule, Volker Strehl

Foreword                                                483

Andrews, G. E., On a Conjecture of Peter Borwein        487

Delest, M., Dubernard, J. P., Dutour, I.,
Parallelogram Polyominoes and Corners                   503

Garvan, F. G., Ramanujan's Theories of Elliptic
Functions to Alternative Bases - a Symbolic Excursion   517

Gessel, I. M., Finding Identities with the WZ Method    537

Labelle, G., Some Combinatorial Results First Found
Using Computer Algebra                                  567

Lisonek, P., Closed Forms for the Number of Polygon
Dissections                                             595

Pirastu, R. and Siegl, K., Parallel Computation and
Indefinite Summation: a Parallel MAPLE Application for
the Rational Case                                       603

Pirastu, R. and Strehl, V., Rational Summation and
Gosper-Petkovsek Representation                         617

Takayama, N., An Algorithm for Finding Recurrence
Relations of Binomial Sums and its Complexity           637

Flajolet, P. and Salvy, B., Computer Algebra Libraries
for Combinatorial Structures                            653

Paule, P. and Schorn, M., A Mathematica Version of
Zeilberger's Algorithm for Proving Binomial
Coefficient Identities                                  673

Zeilberger, D., Three Recitations on Holonomic
Systems and Hypergeometric Series                       699

Strehl, V. and Wilf, H. S., Five Surprisingly Simple
Complexities                                            725

Wilf, H. S., The Computer-aided Discovery of a Theorem
about Young Tableaux                                    731

Krattenthaler, C., HYP and HYPQ                         737

Nemes, I. and Petkovsek, M., RComp: A Mathematica
Package for Computing with Recursive Sequences          745

Stembridge, J. R., A Maple Package for Symmetric
Functions                                               755

Corrigenda                                              769

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