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Topic #10  ---------------  OP-SF NET  --------------- September 7, 1995
From: OP-SF Net editor 
Subject: Proceedings of hypergroups conference

The following book was already briefly mentioned in OP-SF Net 2.3,
Topic #14. 

  Applications of Hypergroups and Related Measure Algebras
  William C. Connett, Marc-Olivier Gebuhrer, and Alan L. Schwartz (eds.)
  Contemporary Mathematics, 183
  American Mathematical Society, 1995
  441 pages (softcover)
  ISBN 0-8218-0297-6

About the conference:
The most important single thing about this conference was that it  
brought together for the first time representatives of all major  
groups of users of hypergroups. They talked to each other about how  
they were using hypergroups in fields as diverse as special functions,
probability theory, representation theory, measure algebras, Hopf  
algebras, and Hecke algebras. This led to fireworks.

About the proceedings:
Hypergroups occur in a wide variety of contexts, and  
mathematicians the world over have been discovering this same  
mathematical structure hidden in very different applications. The  
diverse viewpoints on the subject have led to the need for a common  
perspective, if not a common theory. Presenting the proceedings of a  
Joint Summer Research Conference held in Seattle in the summer of  
1993, this book will serve as a valuable starting point and reference  
tool for the wide range of users of hypergroups and make it easier for
an even larger audience to use these structures in their work.


N. Ben Salem and M.N. Lazhari, Limit theorems for some hypergroup  
  structures on R^n x [0,infinity[
Yu. M. Berezansky, Nuclear spaces of test functions connected with  
  hypercomplex systems and representations of such systems
Yu. M. Berezansky and A.A. Kalyuzhnyi, Hypercomplex systems and  
  hypergroups: Connections and distinctions
W.R. Bloom and Z. Xu, The Hardy-Littlewood maximal function for  
  Chebli-Trimeche hypergroups
H. Chebli, Sturm-Liouville hypergroups
W.C. Connett and A.L. Schwartz, Continuous 2-variable polynomial  
P. Eymard, A survey of Fourier algebras
A. Fitouhi and M.M. Hamza, Expansion in series of Laguerre functions for  
  solution of perturbed Laguerre equations
L. Gallardo, Asymptotic behaviour of the paths of random walks on some  
  commutative hypergroups
M.-O. Gebuhrer, Bounded measures algebras: A fixed point approach
H. Heyer, Progress in the theory of probability on hypergroups
T.H. Koornwinder, Discrete hypergroups associated with compact quantum  
  Gelfand pairs
B.M. Levitan, Transmutation operators and the inverse spectral problem
M. Mabrouki, Limit theorems for the spin process
N.H. Mahmoud, Differential operators with matrix coefficients and  
B.P. Osilenker, Generalized product formulas for orthogonal polynomials
G.B. Podkolzin, An infinitesimal algebra of the hypergroup generated by  
  double cosets and nonlinear differential equations
M. Rosler, Convolution algebras which are not necessarily  
K.A. Ross, Signed hypergroups - A survey
V.S. Sunder, On the relation between subfactors and hypergroups
R. Szwarc, Connection coefficients of orthogonal polynomials with  
  applications to classical orthogonal polynomials
K. Trimeche, Generalized transmutation and translation operators  
  associated with partial differential operators
L. Vainerman, Gel'fand pairs of quantum groups, hypergroups and  
  q-special functions
M. Voit, Central limit theorems for Jacobi hypergroups
N.J. Wildberger, Finite commutative hypergroups and applications from  
  group theory to conformal field theory

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