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Extract from OP-SF NET

Topic #9     -------------   OP-SF NET 5.4   ------------   July 15, 1998
From: Kenneth Ross 
Subject: New Book on Hyperfunctions
The following book appeared:
K.A. Ross e.a. (eds.),
International Conference on Harmonic Analysis,
Birkhauser, 1998.
256 pages, ISBN 3-7643-3943-8
Table of Contents:
Sanjeev Agrawal & Dinesh Singh, "De Branges modules in H^2(C^k)"
Leonard Gallardo, "Some methods to find moment functions on hypergroups"
Marc-Olivier Gebuhrer, "About some random Fourier series and multipliers
theorems on compact commutative hypergroups"
Henry Helson, "Disintegration of measures"
Benjamin Lotto & Donald Sarason, "Multipliers of de Branges-Rovnyak
spaces, II"
R. Nair, "On Hartman uniform distribution and measures on compact spaces"
Kenneth A. Ross, "Hypergroups and signed hypergroups"
Alan L. Schwartz, "Three lectures on hypergroups: Delhi, December 1995"
Henrik Stetkaer, "Harmonic analysis and functional equations"
V. S. Sunder & N. J. Wildberger, "Actions of finite hypergroups and
Ryszard Szwarc, "Positivity of Turan determinants for orthogonal
K. Trimeche, "Wavelets on hypergroups"
Martin E. Walter, "Semigroups of positive definite functions and related
N. J. Wildberger, "Characters, bi-modules and representations in Lie group
harmonic analysis"

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