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Topic #5  ------------   OP-SF NET 7.6  -------------   November 15, 2000
From: OP-SF NET Editor (
Subject: Proceeding of Hong Kong Workshop

The Proceedings of the "International Workshop on Special Functions -
Asymptotics, Harmonic Analysis and Mathematical Physics" held June 21-25, 1999 at
the City University of Hong Kong have been published by World Scientific at a
price of US$80.

City University has, on behalf of the conference organizing committee, purchased
copies which are being made available to the participants at a reduced price of
US$20.  A limited number of additional copies is available to others at this
price on a first-come first-served basis. Those wishing to take advantage of this
offer should send a check for US$20, made payable to "City University of Hong
Kong". The address is as follows:

Colette Lam
IWSF'99 Workshop Secretary
Liu Bie Ju Center for Mathematical Sciences
City University of Hong Kong
83 Tat Chee Avenue
Kowloon, Hong Kong

The table of contents of the IWSF'99 Proceedings has been placed on the
web and is
reproduced below.    

TABLE OF CONTENTS                               

Integral Representations of Quasi Hypergeometric Functions               1
        K. Aomoto

Combinatorics of Crystals for Tensor and Spinor
Representations of Uq(Bn)                                               16
        T. H. Baker

On Infinitely Divisible Solutions to Indeterminate Moment Problems      31
        C. Berg

Generating Orthogonal Polynomials for Exponential Weights on
a Finite Interval                                                       42
        R. C. Y. Chin and D. Ridzal

Spherical Multipliers and Spherical Multiplier Transformations          57
        H. Ding

Generating Functions Associated with Dihedral Groups                    72
        C. F. Dunkl

Existence of Approximate Identities in Maximal Ideals
of Hypergroup-Algebras                                                  88
        F. Filbir

Zeros of Jacobi Polynomials with Varying Non-Classical Parameters       98
A. Martínez-Finkelshtein, P. Martínez-González and R. Orive

Asymptotic Behavior of Eigenfunctions for the Hecke Algebra
on Homogeneous Trees                                                    114
        P. Gérardin and K. F. Lai

Some Relations for Partitions into Four Squares                         118
        M. D. Hirschhorn and J. A. Sellers

Algebraic Aspects of Quantum Calogero Models                            125
        S. Kakei and Y. Kato

Special Functions and Perturbations of Black Holes                      140
        E. G. Kalnins, W. Miller Jr., G. F. Torres Del Castillo
        and G. C. Williams

On a Nonlinear Recurrence Related to Nevai Polynomials                  152
        D. Kaminski

Inversion Formulas Involving Orthogonal Polynomials and
Some of Their Applications                                              166
        R. Koekoek

Bochner-Krall Orthogonal Polynomials                                    181
        K. H. Kwon, G. J. Yoon and L. L. Littlejohn

Orthogonal Expansions for Lp- and C-Spaces                              194
        R. Lasser and J. Obermaier

The DLMF Project: A New Initiative in Classical
Special Functions                                                       207
        D. W. Lozier

Resurgence in Difference Equations, with an Application
to Legendre Functions                                                   221
        F. W. J. Olver

On Exorcising Secular Terms                                             236
        R. E. O'Malley Jr.

New Asymptotic Formulas for the Riemann Zeta Function
on the Critical Line                                                    247
        R. B. Paris

A q-Analogue of a Product Formula of Bailey and Related Results         262
        M. Rahman

The Brahmagupta Matrix and its Applications to Tiling                   282
        R. Rangarajan and E. R. Suryanarayan

Elliptic Integrals of the First and Second Kind - Comparison of
Bulirsch's and Carlson's Algorithms for Numerical Calculation           293
        K.-D. Reinsch and W. Raab

Short-Time Estimates for Heat Kernels Associated
with Root Systems                                                       309
        M. Rösler

Solitons and Coulomb Plasmas, Similarity Reductions and
Special Funstions                                                       324
        V. P. Spiridonov

The Role of Hermite Polynomials in Asymptotic Analysis                  339
        N. M. Temme and J. L. López

Statistics of Graph Spectra for Some Finite Matrix Groups:
Finite Quantum Chaos                                                    351
A. Terras

Convolution Semigroups and Calderón's Formula for
Compact K-Variable Continuous Polynomial Hypergroups                    375
        K. Trimčche

Rodrigues Formulas for Nonsymmeyric Multivariable Polynomials
Associated with Quantum Integrable Systems of
Calogero-Sutherland Type                                                394
        H. Ujino and A. Nishino

Orthogonal Polynomials and Their Asymptotic Behavior                    409
        R. Wong

A Product Formula for Jacobi Polynomials                                423
        Y. Xu

Schur Functions and Two Realizations of the Basic A1(1)-Module          431
        H.-F. Yamada

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