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Extract from OP-SF NET

Topic #11  ---------------  OP-SF NET  --------------- September 7, 1995
From: Andre Ronveaux 
Subject: New book on Heun's differential equations

The following book will appear in October 1995:

  Heun's Differential Equations
  Andre Ronveaux (ed.)
  with contributions by F.M. Arscott, S.Yu. Slavyanov. D. Schmidt,
    G. Wolf, P. Maroni and A. Duval
  Oxford University Press, October 1995, 368 pages, IBSN 859695-2

About the book:
Heun's equation is a linear second-order differential equation which
occurs in a wide range of problems in applied mathematics. This
differential equation with four regular singular points generates by
confluence four different differential equations. Areas in which these
equations occur include the integral equations of potential theory,
wave propagation, electrostatic oscillation, and Schrodinger's

A recent symposium on the topic surveyed both the current theory and
also the main areas of application. The book is a commissioned
collection of edited papers from contributors to the symposium.

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