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Topic #11  ----------------  OP-SF NET  ------------------ May 17, 1995
From: Martin Muldoon 
Subject: Gautschi Festschrift

The following book appeared:

R. V. M. Zahar, ed.,
Approximation and Computation: A Festschrift in Honor of Walter Gautschi,
International Series of Numerical Mathematics, vol. 119,
Birkhauser, Boston-Basel-Berlin, 1994.

This book contains the proceedings of an International Symposium on
"Special Functions, Approximation, Numerical Quadrature and
Orthogonal Polynomials", held at Purdue University in December
1993, in celebration of the 65th birthday of Walter Gautschi.  It
includes 37 invited papers by 60 authors from 16 countries as well
as a fascinating autobiographical article by Gautschi entitled
"Reflections and Recollections".  A list of Gautschi's publications
and Ph.D. students is included.  The book is carefully edited with
a uniform appearance and very complete subject and author indices.

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