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Topic #14  ---------------  OP-SF NET  ---------------- November 9, 1995
Subject: Gatteschi Festschrift

The following books have appeared:

G. Allasia, ed., Special Functions, Annals of Numerical Mathematics
(ISSN 1021-2655; Claude Brezinski, Editor-in-Chief), vol. 2, Nos. 1-4,
Baltzer Science Publishers, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 1995.

G. Allasia, ed., Special Functions, Numerical Algorithms, vol. 10,
Nos. 1-2, Baltzer Science Publishers, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 1995.

These books contain the proceedings of an International Symposium on
Special Functions, held at the University of Torino in October 1993 on
the occasion of the 70th birthday of Luigi Gatteschi. The two volumes
include 11 invited lectures and 31 contributed papers by 66 authors
from many countries, for a grand total of over 700 pages.

The first volume opens with a brief Preface including an extract from
a letter by Richard Askey describing the connection between Torino and
Special Functions going back to the work of Lagrange continued in the
20th century by Tricomi and more recently by Gatteschi.  This is
followed by a photograph of Gatteschi and a list of his publications.
Walter Gautschi's opening article "Luigi Gatteschi's work on special
functions and numerical analysis" goes beyond its title to include
some remarks of a biographical nature. Gatteschi's substantial
contribution to the subject of error terms in asymptotic
approximations of special functions is partially reviewed in Roderick
Wong's paper "Error bounds for asymptotic approximations of special
functions".  Among the other more substantial invited papers are one
on the weights of positive quadrature formulas for ultraspherical
weight functions by K.-J. Forster and one on orthogonal polynomials on
weighted Sobolev spaces by F. Marcellan, T.E. Perez and M.A.  Pinar.
Among the contributed papers in the first volume, those which caught
the eye of this reader were "Maximum principles and inequalities for
special functions" by D. Kershaw, "A monotonicity property of
ultraspherical Christoffel numbers" by J. Korevaar and "The Bieberbach
conjecture", a mainly expository paper with a conjecture on
bi-univalent functions, by H.V. Smith.
These volumes form a fitting tribute to Luigi Gatteschi; we are
indebted to Giampietro Allasia for making their publication possible.

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