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Topic #7  -------------   OP-SF NET 8.5  ------------  September 15, 2001
From: OP-SF NET Editor 
Subject: George Andrews Festschrift

[From the Springer web site:]

Edited by Dominique Foata
Price: $84.95
400 pages paperback
ISBN: 3-540-41491-6, published 2001

This book contains seventeen contributions made to George Andrews on the
occasion of his sixtieth birthday, ranging from classical number theory
(the theory of partitions) to classical and algebraic combinatorics. Most
of the papers were read at the 42nd session of the Séminaire Lotharingien
de Combinatoire that took place at Maratea, Basilicata, in August 1998.
This volume contains a long memoir on Ramanujan's Unpublished
Manuscript and the Tau functions studied with a contemporary eye, together
with several papers  dealing with the theory of partitions. There is also
a description of a maple package to deal with general q-calculus. More
subjects on algebraic combinatorics are developed, especially the theory
of Kostka polynomials, the ice square model, the combinatorial theory of
classical numbers, a new approach to determinant calculus.

Dominique Foata, Guo-Niu Han: Introduction
George E. Andrews: Some Debts I Owe
Richard Askey: The Work of George Andrews: A Madison Perspective
Bruce C. Berndt, Ken Ono: Ramanujan's Unpublished Manuscript on the
             Partition and Tau Functions with Proofs and Commentary
Frank Garvan: Q-series maple tutorial: A q-product tutorial for a q-series
             maple package
G.-N. Han, A. Randrianarivony, J. Zeng: Un autre q-analogue des nombres
Michael D. Hirschhorn: Three classical results on representations of a
Dongsu Kim, Dennis Stanton: Simultaneous maj statistics
David P. Little: An extension of Franklin's Bijection
George E. Andrews, Peter Paule: MacMahon's Partition Analysis IV:
             Hypergeometric Multisums
Anatol N. Kirillov, Anne Schilling, Mark Shimozono: Various representations of
             the generalized Kostka polynomials
Herbert S. Wilf: The number-theoretic content of the Jacobi triple
             product identity
Arturo Carpi, Aldo de Luca: Words and Repeated Factors
Adriano Garsia, Mark Haiman, Glenn Tesler: Explicit Plethystic Formulas
             for Macdonald q,t-Kostka Coefficients
S. Ole Warnaar: Supernomial coefficients, Bailey's lemma and
             Rogers-Ramanujan-type identities. A survey of results and
             open problems
D. Foata, G.-N. Han: The triple, quintuple and septuple product
             identities revisited
A. Lascoux: Square-ice enumeration
Christian Krattenthaler: Advanced Determinant Calculus

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