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Topic #9 - OP-SF NET 4.2 - March 15,1997

From: Martin Muldoon (
Subject: Workshop Proceedings on "Special Functions, q-Series and Related Topics"

The proceedings volume for the 1995 Toronto Workshop on "Special Functions, q-Series and Related Topics" has now appeared. The following information is taken from the AMS Web Page.

"Special Functions, q-Series and Related Topics" Edited by: Mourad E. H. Ismail (University of South Florida), David R. Masson (University of Toronto) and Mizan Rahman (Carleton University).

This book contains contributions from the proceedings at The Fields Institute workshop on Special Functions, q-Series and Related Topics that was held in June 1995. The articles cover areas from quantum groups and their representations, multivariate special functions, q-series, and symbolic algebra techniques as well as the traditional areas of single-variable special functions. The book contains both pure and applied topics and reflects recent trends of research in the various areas of special functions.

     K. Alladi -- Refinements of Rogers-Ramanujan type identities     
     B. C. Berndt, H. H. Chan, and L.-C. Zhang -- Ramanujan's class
             invariants with applications to the values of q-continued
             fractions and theta functions
     G. Gasper -- Elementary derivations of summation and transformation
             formulas for q-series
     R. W. Gosper, Jr. -- \int ^{m/6}_{n/4}\ln \Gamma (z)dz
     F. A. Grunbaum and L. Haine -- On a q-analogue of Gauss equation
             and some q-Riccati equations
     R. A. Gustafson and C. Krattenthaler -- Determinant evaluations and
             U(n) extensions of Heine's _2\phi _1-transformations
     M. E. H. Ismail, D. R. Masson, and S. K. Suslov -- Some generating
            functions for q-polynomials
     E. Koelink -- Addition formulas for q-special functions
     T. H. Koornwinder -- Special functions and q-commuting variables
     M. Noumi, M. S. Dijkhuizen, and T. Sugitani -- Multivariable
           Askey-Wilson polynomials and quantum complex Grassmannians
     P. Paule and A. Riese -- A Mathematica q-analogue of Zeilberger's
           algorithm based on an algebraically motivated approach to
           q-hypergeometric telescoping
     W. Van Assche -- Orthogonal polynomials in the complex plane and on
           the real line
     Y. Xu -- On orthogonal polynomials in several variables
     Appendix I: Program list of speakers and topics    
     Appendix II: List of participants
     Publisher: American Mathematical Society
     Distributor: American Mathematical Society
     Series: Fields Institute Communications, ISSN: 1069-5265
     Volume: 14
     Publication Year: 1997
     ISBN: 0-8218-0524-X
     Paging: 277 pp.
     Binding: hardcover
     List Price: $82
     Institutional Member Price: $66
     Individual Member Price: $49
     Itemcode: FIC/14

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