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Subject: Book by Dunkl and Xu on Orthogonal Polynomials of Several Variables

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Title: Orthogonal Polynomials of Several Variables
Authors: Dunkl, Charles and Xu, Yuan
April 2001, 400 Pages, Hardback, ISBN: 0-521-80043-9, $80.00

This is the first modern book on orthogonal polynomials of several
variables, which are valuable tools used in multivariate analysis,
including approximations and numerical integration. The book presents the
theory in elegant form and with modern concepts and notation. It
introduces the general theory and emphasizes the classical types of
orthogonal polynomials whose weight functions are supported on standard
domains such as the cube, the simplex, the sphere and the ball. It also
focuses on those of Gaussian type, for which fairly explicit formulae
exist. The authors' approach blends classical analysis and
symmetry-group-theoretic methods.  The book will be welcomed by research
mathematicians and applied scientists, including applied mathematicians,
physicists, chemists and engineers.

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