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Topic #8  -----------------  OP-SF NET  ------------------ May 16, 1996
From: Martin Muldoon 
Subject: Contents of Delft Proceedings

The Proceedings of the International Conference on "Orthogonality, Moment
Problems and Continued Fractions" (dedicated to Thomas Jan Stieltjes Jr.)
and held October 31--November 4, 1994 at Delft University of Technology,
The Netherlands, have now appeared, in Journal of Computational and
Applied Mathematics, Volume 65, December 1995.  We thank the volume
editor, Marcel G. de Bruin, for supplying us with a LaTeX version of the
table of contents, from which the text below has been prepared. 

M. G. de  Bruin,  Preface,  p.1

R. \'Alvarez-Nodarse, A.G. Garc\'ia, and F. Marcell\'an, On the
properties for modifications of classical orthogonal polynomials of
discrete variables, p.3

H. Bavinck, The zeros of a certain linear combination of Chebyshev
polynomials, p.19

C. Berg, Indeterminate moment problems and the theory of entire
functions, p.27

A. Bultheel, p. Gonz\'alez-Vera and R. Orive, On the convergence of
general two-point Pad\'e approximants to Stieltjes functions. Part I.
Algebraic aspects, p.57

W. C. Connett and A.L. Schwartz, Subsets of R which support hypergroups
with polynomial characters, p.73

H. Dette, On the minimum of the Christoffel function,  p. 85 

K. Diethelm, Gaussian quadrature formulae of the third kind for Cauchy
principal value integrals: Basic properties and error estimates, p. 97

J. Dombrowski and S. Pedersen, Orthogonal polynomials, spectral measures
and absolute continuity, p. 115

K.A. Driver, Nondiagonal quadratic Hermite-Pad\'e approximation to the
exponential function, p. 125

S. Ehrlich, Asymptotic behaviour of Stieltjes polynomials for
ultraspherical weight functions, p. 135

D. Fasino, Spectral properties of Hankel matrices and numerical solutions
of finite moment problems, p. 145

D.P. Gupta and D.R. Masson, Contiguous relations, continued fractions and
orthogonality: an _8\phi_7 model, p. 157

E.K. Ifantis and P.D. Siafarikas, An alternative proof of a theorem of
Stieltjes and related results, p. 165

I.H. Jung, K.H. Kwon, D.W. Lee and L.L. Littlejohn, Differential equations
and Sobolev orthogonality, p. 173

V.A. Kaliaguine, The operator moment problem, vector continued fractions
and an explicit form of the Favard theorem for vector orthogonal
polynomials, p. 181

M. Kijima and E.A. van Doorn, Weighted sums of orthogonal polynomials with
positive zeros, p. 195

A.B.J. Kuijlaars, Chebyshev quadrature for measures with a strong
singularity, p. 207

S. Lewanowicz, Results on the associated classical orthogonal polynomials,
p. 215

L. Lorentzen, A convergence question inspired by Stieltjes and by value
sets in continued fraction theory, p. 233

A.P. Magnus, Special non uniform lattice (snul) orthogonal polynomials on
discrete sets of points, p. 253

F. Marcell\'an, J.C. Petronilho, T.E. P\'erez and M.A. Pi\~nar, What is
beyond coherent pairs of orthogonal polynomials?, p. 267

G. Mastroianni, Some weighted polynomial inequalities,  p. 279 

D.M. Matjila, Bounds for weighted Lebesgue functions for Freud weights on
a larger interval, p.  293

M.E. Muldoon,  Electrostatics and zeros of Bessel functions,  p. 299 

O. Nj\aa stad, Extremal solutions of the strong Stieltjes moment problem,
p. 309

F. Peherstorfer, Stieltjes polynomials and functions of the second kind,
p. 319

F. Peherstorfer and R. Steinbauer, Characterization of orthogonal
polynomials with respect to a functional, p. 339

M. R\"osler, Trigonometric convolution structures on Z derived from Jacobi
polynomials, p. 357

A. Sinap, Gaussian quadrature for matrix valued functions on the real
line, p. 369

F.H. Szafraniec, A method of localizing the spectra of sequences of
orthogonal polynomials, p. 387

N.M. Temme, Uniform asymptotic expansions of integrals: a selection of
problems, p. 395

G. Valent and W. Van Assche, The impact of Stieltjes' work on orthogonal
polynomials: additional material, p. 419

M. Voit, Limit theorems for random walks on the double coset spaces
U(n)/U(n-1) for n \to \infty, p. 449

List of talks presented at the conference, p. 461 
List of registered participants, p. 464 
Author Index, p. 469

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